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Saturday and Sunday - On Location
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We will fashion a fundraiser that will suit your team or organization’s specific needs.  Whether in the form of a cash donation, or perhaps a team sponsorship, or even Red Sox or Bruins tickets to use as a raffle item, we’ll work with you to help you optimize your fundraising efforts.  Our options are flexible, and we’ll team up with you to ensure a successful venture for all.

photo sports ball

Your favorite player can be featured on a sports ball! soccer, baseball, football, and more! Personalized sports balls make unique gifts and keepsakes and can be the perfect fundraiser for your team or organization.

game tickets for youth sports teams CT

Player photos can be featured on game tickets.

You can get customized photos on magazine covers, mini magnets, personalized photo magnets, game tickets, key fobs, trading cards, ornaments & more!

Sports Teams, Cheerladers, Dance Studios!

Let’s feature your favorite sports star in a big way! Your child’s athletic involvement is something to be very proud of. Show your support and encouragement with sports pictures and product kepsakes you’ll have to look back on when they are older.

How to Prepare for Picture Day

  • Be sure your child gets plenty of rest.
  • Be on time so no one feels stressed or rushed.
  • Wear your complete uniform and be sure that it’s clean.
  • Have your sports equipment with you.
  • Remember to smile!
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