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Pet Photography

Pet portraiture is a unique and extraordinary kind of photography. Here, at Lasting Image Photography, we specialize in helping pet owners to get the very best images to remember times spent with their animals. Cherished moments are captured, whether we’re in your home where your pet is comfortable and familiar —  or on location, such as at a park or beach — or anywhere in Connecticut or Rhode Island, where your pet can be situated in a natural setting.

Each subject presents a new and unique challenge. We work with patience and playfulness to get the best reactions from each animal. Your pet’s safety and comfort are our top concern. The more comfortable your pet is made to feel, the better photos are likely to come from the photo session.

Sometimes getting the photographs you want is all about being in the right place, and this can sometimes be the most important element of the shoot. We all know of certain places where our pets feel most at ease. We are willing and ready to travel to these places to take the most unobtrusive and naturalistic photos we can. From candid action shots to poses and portraiture, Melissa at Lasting Image Photography can help you capture the photos of your beloved companions that you’ve always dreamed of. Call us today at 860-591-9047 for an appointment.

equine photography

As an equine photographer serving Connecticut and Rhode Island, Melissa captures the essence of the relationship between a horse and its owner.

Your dog or cat has become so much more than a pet. He has a piece of your heart and is truly a family member. The love goes beyond words. A special image can say it all!

Trust. When Melissa from Lasting Image Photography comes to shoot images on-site at your location, she arrives with an understanding that every animal has a unique and special personality that you want to capture. This is what shines through in her photography.

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